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hospital semi fowler bed


Model no: HB-SF03

Semi-Fowler’s hospital beds aremedical beds designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcarefacilities. They are designed to provide comfort and support to patients whoare unable to sit up on their own. The bed is equipped with an adjustableheadrest that can be elevated to a semi-sitting position, which is known as thesemi-Fowler’s position. This position can be useful for patients who need to beelevated for medical reasons, such as to aid in breathing or digestion.Semi-Fowler’s hospital beds also typically feature adjustable bed heights, siderails, bed alarms, and IV poles, to provide additional safety and conveniencefor the patient and care providers. These beds play a critical role inproviding care for patients who require assistance with mobility and comfort,helping to ensure a safe and efficient recovery process.


These two section perforated beds, are uniquely designed, to find application for knee rest function. Equipped with either simultaneous, central or individual braking system, these beds are operated using either cranks or motors. Patient safety is guaranteed using either collapsible or easy lifting guardrails. Head and foot panels are made utilizing Stainless Steel or ABS engineering plastic. View our broad Semi- Fowler bed range, select the most suitable model and inform us your specific purchase requirement so that we can offer you CIF prices.

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