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water bath


Model no: EI - W01

Water Bath is Single Wall, Concentric Rings, Inner Chamber S.S.Great for evaporating liquids like alcohol or for melting solids such as agar. Concentric rings can be removed to accommodate containers of various


  •  Microprocessor Based PID Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-controller maintains maximum temperature accuracy.
  •  User’s Self-compensation function to control difference between real temperature and indicated temperature.
  •  Stainless Steel Bath for superior Durability & High Thermal efficiency.
  •  Flat Stainless Steel Lid with Concentric rings prevents evaporation.
  •  An industrial grade energy efficient heater reduces power bills drastically.
  •  Double walled construction.
  •  Space between the Water Bath Rectangular Double Walled is fitted with special grade mineral wool in order toavoid thermal losses.
  •  Drain plug is also fitted to the unit for user convenience.
  •  Double walled construction.


A water bath is a laboratory apparatus used to heat samples gently and evenly. It consists of a container filled with heated water that is used to surround the container holding the sample, which is placed inside the larger container. The heat transfer from the water to the sample occurs through conduction, providing a more consistent and controlled heating environment compared to other methods such as a hot plate or Bunsen burner. Water baths are commonly used in scientific experiments, chemical reactions, and cooking applications.


300 X 250 X 100 MM WITH 6 HOLES OF 75 MM DIA

300 X 300 X 100 MM WITH 9 HOLES OF 75 MM DIA

405 X 300 X 100 MM WITH 12 HOLES OF 75 MM DIA

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